Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Rubbish Day...

A shit day. I was pissed of with myself for overstaking on the football trading thinking it was easy and sure enough got hit with a big loss. The first time I raised them just like the tennis, I get punished.

Another losing day for the tennis, it's shit at the moment with one tournament on as there are very little selections then and like I said the other day losing sequences lose more and take longer to recover with less matches on. I'll learn from it and keep plodding on. Still well in profit on the original £150 and the balance is now at £594.69.

Football Is Going Well...

Ferrer lost his match against Verdasco so a loss on the tennis for the day. There was one other win but I lost £50 on Ferrer so thanks for that mate.

The football trading is going very well. I even got caught out with goals in both the Real Madrid/Zaragoza match AND the Valencia/Deportivo match and still came out with a nice profit in both leading me to think that even if I lost a whole stake (£250ish) it wouldn't be too bad and losing a whole stake is impossible as I use the goals market that is goals ahead of the game (0-0 I trade 2.5gls, 1-0 and 1-1 I usually trade 3.5gls).

Balance was I think £811 ish, I've got a hangover and already put a couple of tennis bets on for today so can't remember exactly!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Another New Technique...

One winner and one loser on the tennis. A big bet today on the tennis too, a later bet in the sequence so it's around £50 on Ferrer for today!

Something new I was getting involved in was one/two tick trading with larger stakes on the overs/unders markets. It was the Bochum game that was on ESPN last night, most of it was done in the 3.5gls market when it was 2-0, that way if I did get caught with a goal I can still trade out for a loss rather than lose the whole stake.

I will try a little in the Spurs match but have to go after about 15 mins of it to play football myself, last game of the season up the lovely Downs!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Very Little Action Today...

There were only three selections today for the tennis system in what is a quiet week on the tennis front. These resulted in two wins and a loss and a very small profit for the day.

Unfortunately this was wiped out by a loss on the Liverpool/Athletico match. I was trading over 1.5gls once again and the early goal ruined me. I traded out for a loss but did leave it for a while to get some better odds.

Hopefully I'm around for some more football tomorrow as today I was out signing up for a gym once again! Time to get as fit as I was 2 years ago before a change of career and lots of injuries set me back. I'm still quite fit but this can give me another focus in getting super fit again.

This can then result in a sharper mind to make some amazing football trades and make bags of profit! ha ha.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thanks Frank!

Well, that was a stroke of luck. I wanted to get involved with Bayern/Lyon but wasn't sure where. Under 2.5gls was a bit short, correct score was too high to start with a back of 0-0 for my liking and I almost just ended up watching without getting involved.

I chose to lay over 1.5gls after a bit of dithering about as the first 10 mins showed both teams being a bit cautious. I had every intent to trade out and was thinking "I'll trade in about a min or two" when Frank Ribery got sent off. This sent the odds for over 1.5gls drifting straight from 1.85 to 2.04 in almost an instant. I decided to let this ride a bit more and with the game not being end to end I let it run further.

After Lyon also had a red card in the second half I kept an eye on the game but didn't trade out as I was thinking even if there was another goal there would be a good chance to trade out should it get a bit hairy. I let it run and couple with a good day on the tennis (at last) and it was a nice profit for today taking the bank to it's new high.

Start Bank: £150 (Middle of March)
New Bank: £625.59
Profit/Loss: +£475.59

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Another Profitable Day...

Some more profit today but it was close. Apart from the posted football trades earlier today I backed 0-0 in the Wisla Krakow match with the view to trade out. There was a goal and I thought the game would be very open then so I put a lay on 1-0. Cue the 1-0 win with their strikers being so bad it was unbelievable.

It was looking like a bit of losing day but the Barca/Inter match was looking very open so I layed 0-0, then 0-1 after the goal, and 1-1. I was thinking of laying 2-1 but decided it was safer to stay as it was. Turned out I could have had a bit more but profit is profit still.

On the tennis another losing day but only for a very small amount. I hope this can turn a profit in the coming days as I don't think I can bail myself out every day with the football.

The balance is now at £544.00 exactly, around the highest it has been (cant remember what it was exactly before that losing weekend).

Afternoon Football...

This match with Levski Sofia so many people seemed to on overs, I started watching when they were losing 1-0 and spent ten mins seeing how the game was going. I considered backing Levski in the hope they pull it back but the pitch was so wet I thought it could be a problem for them to score a few so I backed under 2.5gls instead.

I greened out after half time and the final score finished 1-1 so although I could have probably got a trade out of backing Levski I would have lost my stake had I left the back bet running so that's good.

With Polonia Bytom I was watching for a little while and it was quite poor football, quite a few crosses/corners etc but the keepers were getting everything so I entered with a back of 0-0 just before HT.

There were a couple of hairy moments not long after half time so I got out a little bit earlier than I usually do instead of risking losing the whole stake.

Monday, 19 April 2010

End Of Day Update...

A losing day on the tennis but this was covered with a decent profit on the football for the day. I ended up laying Liverpool/West Ham 0-0 Half Time and that came in as I went out to play football myself.

My other profitable trade was laying Legia Warsaw when 2-0 up. They lost 0-2 last time they played that team and 1.05 for 2-0 was way too short. Their opponents scored and I greened out a little later at 1.15.

No WTA this week tournament wise, some Fed Cup but just the main ATP Barcelona tournament to focus on so picks will probably be less often, meaning losing sequences could be longer running which isn't good but will happen at some point.

Greek Game And Turkish Unders...

Went for a trade of 0-0 in this as comments from someone watching it said it looked like a bore draw, no chances and a terrible game. Backed 0-0 and traded out a little while later but quicker than usual (no pics) so I didn't have to worry too much about keeping an eye on it.

I went for a back of under 2.5gls on the Trabzonspor match, their last 6 I think it was were all unders so thought it was safer than my first plan which was to back either 0-0 (too high really, take too long to come down) or 1-0 Trab (thought that could be good but 0-0 for a while or an away goal would kill me).

How on earth the match is still 0-0 at half time when I greened out is a complete mystery. At least 6 or 7 clear cut chances and that's just from the bit I saw.


Before I found the tennis system that I am now running I would spend my time watching and researching tennis to try and keep an edge. It was hard work trying to watch so much as there are many matches every day.

Now this system can run in the background I have gone back to spending a bit more time on the football. I done well before in the correct scores market, both trading and laying so I will post up a few screenshots when I have time of my trades/bets in this market.

Two early matches this afternoon I got involved in. Rostov were playing and were drawing 0-0 away to Anzhi Makhachkala. Watching the game there were only a few chances coming up and nothing clear cut to I entered with a back of 0-0 around 20th min to trade out.

A chance or two came but I greened out after around 10mins. This is usually how long I would leave a trade open for although in the past I have been burned by greed due to leaving a trade open to try and get as much profit as possible.

This is keeping me busy whilst the tennis ticks along in the background anyway so hopefully I can make a bit whilst doing it too.

I couldn't get a decent stream for the next match, Sliven v Lokomotiv Plovdiv, it kept buffering so didn't want to get involved in a trade. Looking at the stats both teams had scored a fair amount of second half goals and when it was 1-0, the odds for 1-1 were not that bigger, the market was thinking an equaliser was coming.

I put in a lay of 1-0 and waited for the ping on futbol24, which came 18mins later so now it's time to wait for the 4pm matches for any opportunities. The tennis looks like being a losing day today so a bit of profit of the football would be nice. Fingers crossed.


A little bit more profit but it came from the football, not the tennis. Zvonareva got her arse kicked in the tennis and smashed her racquet in anger and the system threw her up as a bet so that was a loss.

I started trading correct score and had two winners last night that gave most of the profit for the day as the other football bets roughly broke even.

Below is a screenshot from the Santos game which was very eventful, two red cards and I nearly lost my stake. I backed 1-2 and was preparing to trade out when a penalty was given. The keeper lost the plot and was almost trying to attack the ref after being booked but it was never a penalty in the first place.

I just had to brace myself and hope they didn't score. Luckily it was poor penalty and the keeper saved it so I greened out shortly after that.

Plenty more tennis today and bad luck for me again in the tipping comp. Now I am not watching as much tennis it's getting harder to pick a genuine winner from opinion. PHM last time out in round 1 lost @1.25 and Starace this morning lost @1.36. I'm glad my system picks the bets automatically!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Saturday Blues...

A losing day on both fronts for Saturday. Hamburg losing 0-1 at home was a killer, thought they would get one back but didn't. A slight loss on the tennis and with it being the weekend there are not many tennis bets like usual.

Still a great day personally as Spurs followed up their win over Arsenal with a great victory over Chelsea, out playing them at the same time.

It's already Sunday afternoon and the football is going ok today, I've been trying something else and it seems to be going ok but only small stakes.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Another Profitable Day...

Another solid day on the tennis front after wondering earlier in the week if it was all going to start changing and lose money as it was a bit stale. There was 3 IE84 bets which were 1 winner and 2 losers and one winning bet with my other football method which turned a profit overall.

On the horses I had a few early bets which produced a MASSIVE profit! After that I didn't really head in to those markets anymore.

Some good football today, fingers crossed Man Utd can beat City as being a Spurs fan that would do us a huge favour towards getting 4th and then of course we get something against Chelsea. I'll try and keep an eye out for some good football trades throughout the day but not sure how much I'll be around.

One more thing I have to put up here, this is a video of a current affairs show and a guy talking about being chased by dogs so does a great impression of them for the camera.

This gets funnier every time I watch it!

Friday, 16 April 2010

A better day...

A better day yesterday. After my comment about the horses I still feel the same but may have the odd dip in if I remember and I'm around.

A few winners on the tennis which pulled in some decent proft to get the bank up a bit towards it's highest point. For Ian Erskine's 84 system, there was one winner and one loser yesterday and I could have had some more profit but popped out and when I came back I had missed the opportunity in the Real Madrid match.

Lot's of football over the weekend so hopefully a chance to get going with that sport again.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Branching Out...

A losing day again yesterday and I'm going to be adding some more betting/trading to the blog now.

I often have a read of Ian Erskines blog as he does some good posts regarding discipline, betting portfolios, staking etc and it's funny reading some of his rants when people just DONT listen to what he says.

Before starting this blog I would spend most of my spare time watching tennis and researching about the latest news, results, info, stuff like that and then end up just doing a few bets per day that I perceived as best value. I would do ok, good and bad runs like anyone but I didn't really have enough time to do other betting due to the tennis.

Now this method doesn't require too much research, certainly not as much as before so after reading Ian's recent post about portfolios I am going to be starting again with some football trades/bets, using a method I was sent in an email and also using Ian Erskines free system that he sent out to 84 people. I was one of those and used it for a few weeks (a little profit) but the tennis just took over and I put it to one side.

I was also told about a horse racing method that has been doing very well so far by a friend. It's only early stages but it sounds like a solid method and this friend makes lots and lots from betting so I'm going to be using this with small stakes and see how it goes.

This should hopefully result in more profitable days when the tennis or one of them has a losing day. I won't be depositing to get my bank back to what it was before I started this, I'll just carry on with what I currently have. Balance is currently sitting at £392.16 which is still well ahead of the £150 start bank.

Hopefully the tennis will pick up for next week as this week it seems to be a bit of a slow week for profit but now with the horses and football again we should (fingers crossed) get some good bets. I won't be doing every football bet/horse race that qualifies as I won't be around 24/7 but should get some more bets on.

The tennis I will just keep going with this method, no other trading or betting as I still think this has great potential and with less time to research/watch tennis I doubt I would have great results.

There should also be more updates on here now for those of you that are interesting in reading.

EDIT: Some sequences that are pushing on to get through today and could see a decent amount of profit come in, or, a big loss; fingers crossed as this could get hairy later on!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Many Markets, Little Profit...

27 Markets today, plenty of bets and the day finishes with a little profit. Profit is better than a loss though so I can't complain. I got to see some of Almagro v Harvey Price earlier and when Mugro broke back in the second set I thought the match would turn his way, and when he pulled it back in the tie break but Mugro is Mugro and he lost despite Harvey only playing his first match on clay for a long time if I remember correctly.

Balance is now sitting at £412.41

Plenty of matches still this week, if it picked up 27 today then hopefully maybe 15 tomorrow should be a good chance to get a decent profit back but as long as it's profit then it's good.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday Rain....

A mixed day really as Barcelona was rained off for most of the day so I have some outstanding bets to complete today hopefully. There was only one bet that was a second bet in a sequence that lost and that took it to a loss for the day. This was from a total of 16 markets that I entered for the day.

Still plenty of bets I hope as we are still in the early rounds and we usually get lots of action at this stage. I am still a bit annoyed with myself for raising stakes slightly so early on, I could be on a much higher bank by now so it will test the discipline to keep to these stakes until I get back to where I was, despite being in a decent profit still anyway.

Meanwhile, here is a story from Sporting Life about Murray saying he is still not sure if he is going to be playing Davis Cup tennis for his country this year...


By Eleanor Crooks, Press Association Sport

Andy Murray has told new Davis Cup captain Leon Smith that the pair's close relationship will not mean he is more likely to represent his country against Turkey in July.

Smith was named as the replacement for John Lloyd, who resigned following a fifth consecutive defeat against Lithuania last month.

Murray chose to miss that match and said he would decide whether to play Davis Cup on a match-by-match basis.

And the world number four insists that is still the case despite the appointment of Smith, who coached Murray during his junior career, as captain and head of men's tennis.

"Leon's my friend but I need to still do what's right for me," said his fellow Scot. "If I want to play, I'm playing for the team, it's not that I'm playing because Leon's the captain.

"I hope that was not the reason why he became captain. I don't think that's the way to make a decision on something as big as this.

"I'll have to wait and see come July. But, again, it's a tie that I feel we should be able to win, even if I don't play."

Murray has been outspoken about the failings in British tennis and he did not play down the size of the task facing his former mentor if he is to turn results around.

"It's a huge, huge responsibility for him," added the 22-year-old. "It's going to be very difficult, and he needs to make sure he surrounds himself with the right people to help him and give him that experience."

Smith accepted that it must be Murray's decision whether he plays in the competition, and Lawn Tennis Association player director Steven Martens stressed the pair's ongoing friendship was not the reason Smith was given the job.

He said: "We can't deny the fact that Leon's relationship with our number one player is a positive element but that wasn't for me the factor that made the difference."

However, Murray's brother Jamie, who also worked with Smith as a junior, is not convinced.

He said on Twitter: "Do you honestly think this will make him play?! So transparent."

Smith, 34, has not played international tennis and began his coaching career at 18, working his way up to become the LTA's head of player development for men's tennis before Monday's promotion.

He was chosen for the Davis Cup captaincy ahead of, among others, former world number four Greg Rusedski, who Martens admitted had a lot of support from the players.

Rusedski has been coaching British number three James Ward, who made his Davis Cup debut against Lithuania, and also works with younger players as a talent and performance ambassador for the LTA.

The former US Open finalist was known to covet the role but Martens, who said Smith's greater coaching experience had given him the edge, insisted Rusedski still has a key role to play with the Davis Cup team.

"Greg's role is very important in men's tennis," added Martens. "As a player coming into coaching, he is someone who straightaway has made a remarkable impact with the way he works.

"For the moment the number of players he has been directly working with has not been very vast. That is one of the things we have been working on and Leon's role as leading men's tennis is making that happen.

"So Greg is a very important factor in supporting that and gradually growing his scope in men's tennis, because we've got somebody coming up from a very good playing career, so let's see that also in his coaching career.

"He can still take quite a lot of steps over the next few years. Of course Greg was very keen to get the job and that is something that is very positive."

Smith, meanwhile, insisted the door is still open for British number two Alex Bogdanovic, who was frozen out of the picture under Lloyd after seven consecutive singles defeats.

"Alex is still clearly the number two player in Britain," said Smith. "He made the semis in Belgrade fairly recently which shows his level is still fairly high. He's someone that will be considered for selection."

Obviously it's not important as I'm bloody awful at tennis and don't play for GB but could you really imagine having to listen to Greg Rusedski all day whilst training? It's bad enough just seeing him on tv!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Normal Service Is Resumed...

Back to smaller stakes and the result is back to making some profit. I am now kicking myself for what can only be described as greed to make profit too quickly. Just over £12 profit for the day and let's hope it can kick on from here and get back to how it was for the last few weeks.

Some tennis on tv this week too so I'll hopefully be able to watch a little at some point. Quick post for today as a long night at work means I need my bed!

Start Bank: £150
Current Bank: £415.87
Profit/Loss: +£265.87

Back To The Old Way...

Another losing day and I know why it got a bit like this now. It was at the start of this week that I was confident of having a target of 1% for some seqences. This was wrong and this is why yesterday I was having to break down sequences after 3 losses and not the 4 (which is much rarer).

The last two days losses will still be chased over the long term now and the target will go back to 0.5% each time. If I had done this then the last two days would have been much smaller losses and the sequences would probably have been finished with a win.

Anyway, still in plenty of profit and back to the old way of 0.5% should see the bank go up from here again. Balance is currently just over £400.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


A losing day, the first so far. There was one sequence that now has to be broken down and recovered over a few more bets. The risk would be too great to chase on one more bet. It was only a losing sequence of 3 rather than 4 too, but the odds were higher than some others so the loss has been a bit bigger.

Still in plenty of profit though so no danger there, losing days will happen, let's just hope for a few winning ones now to get back on track!

To answer a comment I have just moderated (not sure what post it was on) asking why there are random amounts (19.23 etc,) this is because I use a 4 (or 3 in this case) step loss recovery staking plan, in effect, just chasing losing bets in a set sequence until I hit a winner. It's very rare that the set bets that I make hit 4 losses in a row and I have broken down this loss after 3 just because the liability would be to high to go for 4 should it lose again. Balance now £481.80

On to today, more matches and hopefully more profit. I'm off in the evening to see Frankie Boyle live which should be quality, the guy is a legend!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thursday's Matches...

A little more profit today which takes the bank closer towards the target. Just to recap, around £400 at start of April, target is double in a month (or quicker), 1 week in and the first £100 was achieved so really want to achieve £600 by around 15th of the month.

With the smaller amount of matches on towards the end of the tournaments meaning less selections that qualify for a sequence bet, we may have to wait until the early rounds of the next tournaments to reach it but this will be with higher stakes still as the bank grows and fingers crossed can still be achieved.

Start Bank: £150
Current Bank: £526.01
Profit/Loss: +£376.01

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Great Day...

A great day for profit yesterday with almost £50 added to the bank. I have left the matches unblurred today so you can see what matches I was involved in.

My original plan to double the bank in a month may come quicker and here is why. At the start of April (give or take a day or two maybe) I was on £400 so £100 a week would double it. I have achieved the first £100 in a week (give or take a day) but now as the bank grows the stakes will also grow so fingers crossed the next £100 comes quicker, and the next after that quicker again.

I still haven't been watching much tennis lately, although I did watch both Man U and Arsenal lose this week. Messi is something else and I have to say Robben scored a cracking goal last night, top quality.

Onto today, let's hope for more profit again, the new way of working these sequences seems to work better at this early stage and hopefully it will continue this way.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Still building...

A nice bit of profit for yesterdays matches takes the bank to it's highest level. Let's hope I can keep it growing from here with just the odd day thrown in when it drops a little.

The new way I was looking at the sequences did help I think, with many coming in right away at 1% target wins. I think I will keep this way for the time being as continue to keep an eye on it.

I am still hoping to double the bank in 3-4 weeks, sooner would be simply amazing but that is the prediction. It was a fraction over £400 at the start of April so plenty of time to see if we can reach the £800 (ish) target....."we will see"!

Start Bank: £150
Current Bank: £458.88
Profit/Loss: +£308.88

Monday, 5 April 2010

A busy week?

That was annoying, with very few matches towards the end Miami I was hoping to be able to finish some sequences but the chance didn't arrive. Matches started on Sunday for the many tournaments on this week and bets have also begun with the better matches starting today.

Current balance is slightly down on the last update but still in profit over the last 7 days which is still good. Balance is currently £429.76 (down from £438 last update).

I have now started doing the sequences slightly different staking wise, with some making me feel more confident with a target of approx 1% and some others better with a target of 0.5%. I feel this will boost the bank quicker with some good profits.

I'm aware it could also take a bigger hit but I am also going to use my knowledge/opinion for some matches and maybe split a losing sequence down earlier should I not be comfortable with the stakes needed on the match to end a sequence.

Like I always say, "we will see", it's still in a decent profit and with plenty of matches over the coming days we can find out if it will keep growing or bust me out.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Thursday's matches..

Some more profit last night and around 2.5% increase which is good considering the amount of matches on. I was a bit annoyed to find that Eurosport didn't show the Clijsters/Henin match but I read that Henin was pretty poor. I have been missing the early hours matches this week but was off last night due to Bank Holiday.

Now I'm just itching for the new tournaments to start, plenty next week so hopefully plenty of matches and plenty of profit!

Start Bank: £150
New Bank: £434.78
Profit/Loss: £284.78