Friday, 4 February 2011

Update for Carlos...

Seeing as Carlos has had a bit of a seethe on the Betfair Forum for some reason, saying I try to say I am honest????? and never post screen shots of more than £10????? as if these are bad things on a blog???

I don't know. He seems to be a bit crazy but I thought I would post another update with todays matches on as they have just finished, with 5/6 ending with a screen shot of above £10 so that matches his "criteria" that he seems to require for this.

Enjoy Carlos, I hope the "above £10" screen shots make you happy.

Update for comments...

Just another quick update from missed matches for the comments posted. The 26th Jan matches were in the last post with screenshots and 27th-28th of Jan are here.

Like before I don't think I'll update for a while as I don't have many interesting things to say that will fill a blog on a regular basis.

Good luck with your bets and trading...

Update for Swebih...

Just a quick update for Swebih on the Betfair forum as he was asking for an update. I decided to pretty much stop the blog (again) as the last comments got me thinking.

They were asking for posts on strategy and discipline etc and after having a think about it I realised that I can't do that. I can't write good articles and posts on those subjects and this will more than likely turn out to be a profit and loss blog which are usually pretty boring unless there are some posts about the actual bets or trading that they are doing.

I don't have time to do write ups about every match I now get involved in and all I am really doing is laying someone when they reach low odds if I don't think they are a 1.01 train.

I would end up repeating myself so often and it will end up being boring for you and for me.

I won't delete the blog and may post regularly again in the future as some of you may remember that I change my mind about what I am doing every few months!

Good luck with all your bets and trading, I hope you make shit loads of money this year!