Friday, 31 August 2012

Li v Robson

So I went ahead with the lay of Li like I mentioned and was lucky enough to see Robson break first game. I cleared my liability then and even put a bit of green on Li @ 1.46 ish shortly after. I left it like that for a while but Li was making so many errors and wasn't winning service games comfortably at all.

After Robson took the first set I backed her as I thought she would surely trade odds on the way she was playing. She broke again and I layed some off @ 1.64 to leave about £4 on Li and £21 on Robson.

I would have happily taken that, even if Li came back to win, a few quid is a few quid and for an original outlay of £9 I couldn't complain with almost 50% ROI.

When Robson went a double break up and was serving for the match I layed off some more @ 1.07 just to give a bigger green on Li should Robson choke it and get broken but fair play to her she held her nerve and served it out.

I didn't get involved in Bartoli or Stosur, I see they won in straight sets but think Stosur was broken early on to then pull it back?

I was having too much fun watching this match to concentrate on another one so happy all round. My cheese toastie was delightful too, thanks for asking. :)

Looking ahead to today...

Quick post now as I'm busy trying to keep up with everyone Spurs are chasing to sign this afternoon and I think a cheese sandwich is needed as well.

One lay of Konta yesterday, there was no way she could keep up the stats from the first set where she won about 95% of her service points, she was absolutely flying.

She lost the second set easily and gave me a green and the last set was up and down before she finally got pegged back and lost.

I don't like getting involved too often in the final set as it can quickly go against you and not give you a chance to red out.

The three matches starting now with Bartoli, Stosur and Li will be watched at first. Either could fall behind but they could easily win 1 & 2 so I will wait and see if anyone falls behind. If they do and they are not playing that bad then I'll jump in with a back.

Actually, a little lay of Na Li I think, she is a little bit short although Robson could have big win syndrome and not turn up today after beating Clijsters.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

So...I chased again

As the title says, I couldn't resist it again. Massive massive mistake but blagged my way out of it again.

Started by laying A. Rad against the little monkey man Suarez Navarro. Navarro playing awesome until I back him. Then A.Rad finds her feet and storms the rest of the way so I kept laying A.Rad tiny bit by tiny bit in the hope it would turn around but it didn't.

Ended up losing a load then getting on Vinci who almost made me cry but managed to break Shvedova when she was serving for the match. I was lucky once again, hopefully I don't carry on doing this as it will all be over for this blog! ha ha

At least I hope I am teaching a few of you a lesson about chasing and how bad it can be! I can't keep dodging bullets forever can I?

And the total for the night. ( I def need a break now, think I'll get on the ps3 and smash a bit of battlefield instead of trading again!)

Pironkova vs Morita

Pironkova is usually reliable as a solid favourite so when she was broken I backed her above evens against the out of form Morita.

Pironkova pulled it back and took the first set where I layed her to get a larger green on Morita. Morita has won 29 matches as an underdog and 5 of those were from a set down so coupled with the fact Pironkova has in the past (but not so much now) choked a lead I thought a little lay again at low odds is worth the risk.

Pironkova didn't choke it this time, Morita was just making too many errors so a tiny profit but I wanted to keep green on both players throughout the match if I could, which I did so I am happy with it.

As I type I also layed Makarova @ 1.19 so this has started going my way. We shall see what it brings!

Good luck with your bets and trading tonight people!


Hlavackova was very short considering her SP of just under evens to be as low as 1.12 a set up so I layed her and greened out a bit too soon. I cleared the liability and then put a bit of profit on when she went a bit higher.

I could have waited as she drifted above evens but you can never be too sure and what with me not doing any trading for a long time I just wanted to get some green and get out whilst I get used to it again and find out about how the players are doing now.

So many things change in a year and a half, Errani is decent now, Barthel has come from nowhere as has Kerber, Soderling and Petkovic are long term injured although Petkovic just making her comeback now. Tipsarevic is now top ten and that was a big shock to see that last month!


I started laying Cibulkova as she often goes up and down in the first set. When it was getting a bit close towards the end of the set I greened out with pence on each player as wasn't sure which was it was going to go.

When she won the first set I layed her again but then she broke after too many errors from Jovanovski so I redded out then instead of risking the whole stake.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Big big mistake.... Chasing!

So then, not been back at it long and perhaps I had a lucky run as tonight I made the criminal error of chasing. And it nearly all went wrong.

Got back from football, what a game, 2-0 up, 2-2, 3-2 up, we give away a penalty 3 mins from the end that they equalise from then under the floodlights we score a back heeled winner (same guy who gave away the penalty two mins earlier!) with about 45 seconds left on the clock!

I got injured which wasn't good and then got back home to start backing Kim who was a set down. It went wrong from there as I hadn't seen any of the match, I hadn't seen Kim play at all since I started again and even carried on laying Robson for minimal stakes when she reached low odds in the hope Kim would reach low odds herself. Shouldn't have got involved without any research or watching any of the match.

Biggest loss so far but then the worst thing you can do, lump on to get it back. I have no idea why I done it really and probably only because I have not long been back trading and didn't want to ruin the good start I've had.

Well I nearly ruined the whole bank by lumping on Bartoli of all people and we all know how hard she made her win come through. 

I hope I have learnt, I never used to chase so hopefully it was a one off and won't happen again. Time will tell I suppose.

End of the day it's a nice profit earned by the worst possible route. Don't do it people.

Early Match Done...

Just the one early match traded today and it was an easy one thank god. Petrova is reliable as a high priced favourite (1.5+) despite her being on the back end of her career.

Halep was in awful form and a win over Benesova who has been just as bad doesn't mean she will turn around and beat Petrova in a GS.

I backed Petrova from the off as I thought she should have been nearer1.45-1.5 and she is tearing her apart. I covered the liability but left all the green on Nadia.

I hope to be back in time for Bartoli/Oprandi and may get involved. Bit of research to do first.

Good luck with all your betting and trading tonight, anyone predicting a big surprise?

Not much time today...

Very little time today so couple of screenshots I took and a that will pretty much be it. I have a football match tonight so may get an early trade in but other than that won't be around until maybe 10pm so will miss most matches.

Woz was clearly in trouble so in the second set I backed Begu and then just clearly liability on Woz as I couldn't see her pulling this back but wanted to be safe just in case.

She shouldn't have carried on last week and surely she regrets it now as she loses 900pts I think from a SF last year and drops out of the top 10.

The back of Malek I mentioned went against me as Akgul won the first set but because Malek had had over twice the amount of break points I let it run, also the spread on market was very big and liquidity quite low.

Malek won the second set but I waited until she had broken early in the third to green out when liquidity was a bit better with the lower odds.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


A loss on Govortsova as I layed her thinking Paszek could pull it back a little. She couldn't so I had to take a big hit on that match, a loss of £17.00 so no screenshot of the individual match but a p/l screenshot will be put up tomorrow.

Sloane Stephens is on the verge of beating Schiavone as I type this, Schiavone not only looking like a horse but also putting most of her serves in the net and generally being like a man in every department apart from the tennis playing skills department.

Sloane is in some good form and with the home crowd I expect her to close this out but a green was made on both players not long ago.

The Szavay match was crazy, market wise. Szavay lost three matches in a row, retiring in two before missing almost a year through injury. Since her come back she has played three matches and lost all three in straight sets, with all three matches coming on a different surface.

If someone can then tell me how she can go a break up so early in the game and people want to back her @ 1.47 to win? That was a crazy price and I just had to lay it.

Surprise surprise she was broken back and lost the first set, with Arn who is old enough to be some of the other girls on the tours Nan went as low as 1.25.

That was also worth laying for a green on both.

In up coming matches I was going to have a back of Kiri but have missed the start and she has broken already. If she is broken back then I may get involved but won't be keeping a close eye on matches now.

I have also put a back in on Malek. Much better form than I'm a man-muradova and I think will surely trade a fair bit lower if not win that match.

I hope you all have been winning plenty tonight and nobody lost on the horse faced man look a like who I now see lost in straight sets so like  I thought Stephens closed it out.

Good luck with the rest of your bets guys, speak to you soon!