Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hlavackova was very short considering her SP of just under evens to be as low as 1.12 a set up so I layed her and greened out a bit too soon. I cleared the liability and then put a bit of profit on when she went a bit higher.

I could have waited as she drifted above evens but you can never be too sure and what with me not doing any trading for a long time I just wanted to get some green and get out whilst I get used to it again and find out about how the players are doing now.

So many things change in a year and a half, Errani is decent now, Barthel has come from nowhere as has Kerber, Soderling and Petkovic are long term injured although Petkovic just making her comeback now. Tipsarevic is now top ten and that was a big shock to see that last month!

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