Thursday, 30 August 2012

So...I chased again

As the title says, I couldn't resist it again. Massive massive mistake but blagged my way out of it again.

Started by laying A. Rad against the little monkey man Suarez Navarro. Navarro playing awesome until I back him. Then A.Rad finds her feet and storms the rest of the way so I kept laying A.Rad tiny bit by tiny bit in the hope it would turn around but it didn't.

Ended up losing a load then getting on Vinci who almost made me cry but managed to break Shvedova when she was serving for the match. I was lucky once again, hopefully I don't carry on doing this as it will all be over for this blog! ha ha

At least I hope I am teaching a few of you a lesson about chasing and how bad it can be! I can't keep dodging bullets forever can I?

And the total for the night. ( I def need a break now, think I'll get on the ps3 and smash a bit of battlefield instead of trading again!)

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