Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Balance Boost...

Ok so my girlfriend wanted to get in on my tennis trading so she decided to invest £200 and trusts me not to lose it so I get to up my stakes a fair bit now with the jump in the balance.

I have the rest of the week off work so plenty of time to get some trading done should opportunities arise.

I started by laying Cibulkova who has a very average record this year when you take away her clay win/loss difference and Larsson often starts brightly.

Took a quick green when she was broken. I then backed Shvedova against her doubles partner King. She looks to be hitting the ball so much better, I did clear my liability and then backed her again when she drifted another ten ticks before putting a level green on both players.

I can see Shvedova winning this without being troubled but you never know in WTA so it would be a shame to lose a nice green and at 1.06 it doesn't take much liability to have a green on King too.

Earlier Vinci was always going to beat U.Rad in my opinion. Radwanska very mentally weak and Vinci has been on fire recently, winning an outdoor hard title to complete a title on every surface.

She was broken early on (Vinci) so seeing as I missed the start it just gave me better odds to get involved with.

I am trying not to get involved after getting a green on both players as so many times in the past I have reduced the green then made mistakes trying to get it back and even ended up losing. I hope those mistakes are in the past now and I am happy to get green on both and then move on.

I am even happier to red out now more than I used to and I often have an opinion of how the match will go and if doesn't go my way then I get out.

Sharapova won easily last night and once again I'll put her out as my shout to reach the final, maybe win. I'll have to update should she lose and after I have seen more matches I will have a better idea of who is in form.

After 18 months with no tennis it's taking a little while to get back in the groove but I feel I'm starting to find my feet again now.

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