Friday, 31 August 2012

Li v Robson

So I went ahead with the lay of Li like I mentioned and was lucky enough to see Robson break first game. I cleared my liability then and even put a bit of green on Li @ 1.46 ish shortly after. I left it like that for a while but Li was making so many errors and wasn't winning service games comfortably at all.

After Robson took the first set I backed her as I thought she would surely trade odds on the way she was playing. She broke again and I layed some off @ 1.64 to leave about £4 on Li and £21 on Robson.

I would have happily taken that, even if Li came back to win, a few quid is a few quid and for an original outlay of £9 I couldn't complain with almost 50% ROI.

When Robson went a double break up and was serving for the match I layed off some more @ 1.07 just to give a bigger green on Li should Robson choke it and get broken but fair play to her she held her nerve and served it out.

I didn't get involved in Bartoli or Stosur, I see they won in straight sets but think Stosur was broken early on to then pull it back?

I was having too much fun watching this match to concentrate on another one so happy all round. My cheese toastie was delightful too, thanks for asking. :)

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