Friday, 31 August 2012

Looking ahead to today...

Quick post now as I'm busy trying to keep up with everyone Spurs are chasing to sign this afternoon and I think a cheese sandwich is needed as well.

One lay of Konta yesterday, there was no way she could keep up the stats from the first set where she won about 95% of her service points, she was absolutely flying.

She lost the second set easily and gave me a green and the last set was up and down before she finally got pegged back and lost.

I don't like getting involved too often in the final set as it can quickly go against you and not give you a chance to red out.

The three matches starting now with Bartoli, Stosur and Li will be watched at first. Either could fall behind but they could easily win 1 & 2 so I will wait and see if anyone falls behind. If they do and they are not playing that bad then I'll jump in with a back.

Actually, a little lay of Na Li I think, she is a little bit short although Robson could have big win syndrome and not turn up today after beating Clijsters.

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